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A true aristocrat takes an impeccable taste. The Golden Gate Choir

On May 15, 2017 in the Great Hall of the Kiev House of Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine one of the oldest choirs of the continent, the National Academic Capella Choir of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine "Golden Gates", will perform a concert(Vladimirskaya str., 45a). The concert will begin at 19.00.

The date and the repertoire of the concert weren't chosen by chance. In February of this year on the air of the TV and radio company "Kiev" the head of the Choir, Pavel Petrovich Struts, shared his inmost thoughts about how he sees the choir today.

On May 15 Kievites and guests of Kiev will be offered a concert program consisting of the works of three European classical composers - Mozart, Handel and Vivaldi.

At first glance, the head of the Choir is trying to present a battle of musical geniuses of the Middle Ages. But this is not so.

The repertoire is chosen in such a way that the works of the above-mentioned composers will complement each other. The reader may think: "What can unify their music? Who will even listen to it?" It is, in fact, aristocratic music. As you know, a true aristocrat is known by his impeccable taste. It is the aristocrats who listen to such works. For people who listen to the chanson like Stas Mikhailov or Max Barsky such music may not be understandable. What unites these works is that they all have a healing effect. It has long been noted that when listening to this music domestic animals demonstrate increase in milk production and muscle mass. This music has the same effect on people as well - it calms the nervous system and improves metabolism. The secret of this music is simple. The halftones are taken practically to the minimum. Everything sounds in the range of the human voice.

As noted above, the date of the concert is also special. As you know, Kiev is hosting the main musical competition of Europe, "Eurovision 2017", from May 9 to May 14. Some modern sound producers often use some sound effects that can affect the emotions and even the well-being of the audience. People might experience a state of euphoria or a buzz. It often happens that after a while after listening to such music people might experience depression, worsening of health. After holidays of such scale end, the majority of spectators might enter a state of sadness due to the fact that everything has ended. Organizing their concert, the Choir decided to help the spectators of the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 to get rid of despondency and continue their life with positive and optimistic attitude.

The musical accompaniment of the concert will be a big surprise for the audience. Best musicians of Ukraine offered their services completely free when they learned about the "Golden Gates" noble cause . Spectators will have great pleasure listening to the brilliant musicians who will accompany the "Golden Gates" Choir.

Some odious politicians try to use images of composers for their purposes. Unlike such politicians, one of the oldest capellas in Europe and Asia will try to brilliantly execute the brilliant works of geniuses.

See you at the concert!

How to get there:

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